A fantastic carefree wedding day

Do you want a fantastic carefree wedding day.
Gardamoreweddings helps bridal couples to prepare an unforgettable day.

A professional master of ceremonies thinks with you and advises you during the preparation of your wedding.
On your wedding day the guests will be guided and suppliers will be contacted.
Gardamoreweddings will ensure that everything will be done according to your wishes.

GardAmore Weddings organizes the following types of events:

  • Weddings
  • Symbolic weddings (renewal of vows) & anniversaries
  • Marriage proposals
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties



GardAmore Weddings offers individual building blocks that together determine how your wedding will look. We can coordinate the entire day for you, but of course we are also happy to just help out with those issues you are struggling with, such as finding a photographer, decorating the restaurant, the paperwork or the bridal bouquet. Here we try to work as much as possible with Dutch-speaking suppliers and employees.A first appointment is free of obligation. Before we send you a quotation, we prefer to meet the bride and groom. This ensures that we offer you a plan and budget that are perfectly in line with your wishes.


Symbolic weddings (renewal of vows)

So many years ago now you decided to merge your lives and to journey through life together.
And now…. You stand still … look back with a smile and a tear for all that you have experienced to date. How special it is now, so many years later, to realize that the most intense aspects that life has brought you have been experienced together.

Now years later, you can say quietly: “If I could go back in time and marry you all over again …”
Often, a wedding day or anniversary is moment to look back and that can be very moving.
Increasingly people are choosing to give this day a special touch by renewing their vows together. After all, every day also gives us a new beginning!
GardAmore Weddings can help you relive this special moment with a symbolic ceremony in the beautiful Italian countryside. Celebrate together with a select group or even with all of your friends and acquaintances in attendance. We would love to discuss your wishes with you and then we can sort through the many options to find the right elements to make this day unforgettable.



Marriage proposal

Want to surprise the love of your life with a marriage proposal while on holiday, but find it difficult to decide just the right way to do it?
GardAmore Weddings can help you! A romantic boat trip, a bottle of prosecco and a musician…
Please contact us for more information.


Bachelor/Bachelorette party

It’s finally here, you’re getting married! In the run up to the splendor of marriage you cannot forget about the bachelor and bachelorette parties. For men and women we can organize a fantastic day!
A beauty weekend for women at a spa and night out at one of the many clubs, touring the area in a fantastic car, wine tastings … anything is possible. Just let us know what you are interested in and we can plan something great!


How we work

Once you have contacted us, completely free of obligation, we will contact you by email to ask about your ‘basic wishes’ (e.g. location, accommodations, car rental, flowers, cake). We will use these to prepare a quotation for you. After receiving your ‘basic wishes’, we will plan a meeting with you to further clarify them.


GardAmore Weddings

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